The Cove Members

Lor Clark -- in memorium


“I took a figure sculpture class at Glassel Art School. I was so excited working in the third dimension that I gave away my paints and devoted all my time to sculpture, and continue to do so. Sculpture has filled the void in my single life.”

Pernie Fallon


“I thrive on the challenges and satisfaction of finding extraordinary beauty in the ordinary and expressing it through my paintings. My hallmark has always been an emphasis on spontaneity, expression and intuitive creativity. My touch is direct and personal, skilled and intimate — expressing endless exploration of beauty and nature with a wide range of techniques. I respond to what I see with a sense of wonder that keeps my work inspired, timeless and always fresh.”

Tammy Gilchrest


“Why do I paint? Drawn to the earth and beauty that surrounds us, I want to take people to places that they may never be able to see. Each painting is to be a vessel for the viewer to get away in their own mind for a few moments. My goal is to create a place of emotional serenity for each individual viewer.”

Linda Herbert


“The splendor and beauty of God’s creation is what inspires me to paint. My desire is that my brush and canvas shine the light of hope. I want my art to truly reflect my emotions and feelings. Life is constantly changing and flowing – so my creativity leads me to capture each moment. The essence of my art is a reflection of faith, light and creativity. I am blessed!”

Lynne Hubner


“Thematically my art focuses on constants across time: hope, love, belonging and loss. The process of choosing the appropriate substrate for an idea, drawing, carving, inking, layering, and hand printing combine science and human expression brilliantly. I hope my work will inspire and engage the imagination.”

Darby LaGrave


“Through art, my desire is to capture moments, the moments of life that are filled with wonder and need to be savored in memory. I believe art brings about healing and hope, speaking directly to the spirit through its universal language. Art can be lively, whimsical or sentimental, recalling moments of shifting perspective or documenting personal and historical triumphs. Art crumbles barriers and inspires new vision for the future. In the public venue, art can unite communities by building common goals and instilling a sense of belong through the shared experience."

McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra

Under the direction of Artistic Director Jason Lim, the McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra has gained national recognition as an emerging professional ensemble. Innovative programming and collaborations with sister arts and performance organizations highlight each season of the MPO. The Greater North Texas Youth Orchestra is the youth division of the MPO, and offers young musicians mentorship and performance opportunities with the MPO principals.

Kathleen Mekailek

Painter, Sculptor, Jewelry Designer

“When I start a painting, I have a vague idea of what I want, but I let the canvas and brushes lead me to the finished product. I see beauty in small mundane objects such as a grain of sand, rain drops or a bird’s nest that others might pass by and not notice. I want to bring this respect of our world to others in a way that they might not have imagined or seen before.”

Melissa Patrello

Painter, Sculptor, Puppet Creator

Jim Phipps


“It’s challenging when you’re dealing with the real world of nature and its colors, its moods, and its drama. Painting is like a journey– always discovering something new and exciting. I always want to push myself as far as I can go as a professional artist.”

Sam Rogers

Painter, Photographer

“I try to create visually stimulating images in whatever medium I am working: painting, photography, printmaking. We spend most of our lives communicating and thinking verbally. More attention needs to be given to influences that can be transmitted only visually or tactilely. Much ‘information’ about the world cannot be expressed by strings of words or other symbols.”

Magali Smith


“My paintings capture the Spanish façades, African rhythms, Taino Indian symbols, and natural beauty of the island where I grew up. I choose a detail of a particular place or thing to paint that will spark memories and cause the viewer to remember more than what they are seeing. If I could only bring the warmth of the tropical sun, the salt air from the sea, the pounding sound of the waves, the cold, foggy nights of the rain forest, the delicious scents of comida criolla (Creole) cooking at the kiosko….and the music, ohh the music…”

Jeni Tomlison


“Art for me is more than paint on a canvas. It is community, belief, vulnerability, and self-discovery. Motion captivates me. Whether it’s light playing off someone’s expression as they play the guitar or the abrupt and ruggedly beautiful turning of a cutting horse, both inspire me to capture a moment by throwing myself into the glorious mess that is my studio.”

Steve Wright

Painter, Sculptor, Installation Creator

For the past three decades, I have worked for design and fabrication companies, taking two-dimensional plans and converting them into three-dimensional realities. And, in the process of transforming raw materials into their final form, I worked and studied with local scenic artists who were masters of their craft. Working alongside these talented artists led me to want to express myself on smaller pieces of canvas.

Frances Dezzany

Sculptor, Painter, Weaver

“My fiber wall sculptures are made using a technique with the themes of shields, totems and masks. I use the loom for shaping to create dimensionality. Both fine art and craft methods are combined and redefined using earth materials from plants and animals. My current works exploring man-made packaging materials and issues of branding and identity.”

Sandy and Alex Forbes


K. D. Hafley


“Though I am primarily known for my wildlife and pet portraits, I also paint people portraits, and narrative paintings, which some have called expressionism and others surrealistic. I also create multi-media pieces, and printmaking works. I have loved animals all of my life, and being able to show their essence as the wonderful, beautiful creatures that they are is one of my driving passions. Whether an animal is wild and exotic or just an everyday pet or domestic animal, he or she is a unique creature with a unique essence. My goal as an artist is to capture that essence and share it with those who view my work.”

Leticia Herrera


“I believe in the kindness of humanity. I believe that our diversity is what makes this world interesting. I consider myself an expanding artist because we are always transforming. My work walks with me and changes with me.

"In my art, I represent that trajectory through my walkers, they are searchers of beautiful emotions; they are travelers of the universe and the world. They are catchers of dreams; they are explorers of aspirations, searchers of unity and of freedom. Asking always who are we? Where are we going? What are we looking for? What do we want? Who do we love?

"In my paintings I am trying to transport you to those places of my imagination where we are often find ourselves. I want to touch your soul, open your heart, and invite you to walk with me.”

Heidi Kidd


“I am transported by the magic of the natural world. I paint in groups of three, completing a study of the subject in different poses or settings. When painting animals, I like to capture an emotional moment of in the animal’s life, hoping to show that animals are conscious beings with feelings and emotions of their own. I am inspired by wildlife photographers. Through their lens I have traveled to places that I may never go to in person. This has made me more aware of the natural wonders of the world, an awareness I hope to communicate in my paintings. “

Leo Malboeuf

Painter, Digital Artist

“I have always been obsessed with creating images that are as unique as possible, then interpreting the images, supported by numerous photos to compose new images. These new images are then used to digitally create color compositions and surreal works.”

Richard McWhorter

Painter, Installation Artist

“The world is our toy box. Paintings are snapshots of play-in-progress. People are looking for a large, uncharted planet out in the Oört cloud. Many can recite NFL stats, or optimal planting times. People care, and study, and continue. They are curious about things, and many of them take pride in making or growing or organizing things. This human urge to find or create personal meaning everywhere is the focus of my paintings and constructions."

Jesus Moreno


“Growing up in Spain I was able to visit great museums of art such as The Prado Museum in Madrid. That is where my passion for art and my dream of becoming an artist began. My goal is that each piece of art I create will speak to the viewer in a unique way. Art is my passion.”

Robin Maria Pedrero


I paint the spirit and energy of life in rhythmic layers of color. I respond to what catches my eyes and heart personifying nature, evoking a range of moods with a touch of mystery. I use a symbolic visual language exploring both the visible and invisible creating a commentary on relationships and thoughts. As I work the images can be unexpected and abstract, flowing from gathered memories. I build layers making connections and a story comes forth and unfolds. The work evolves, and quite often by the time the painting is finished it has a history of stories interwoven in the layers. I use sgrafitto to reveal underneath layers.

Kerry Randol-Johnston


“I make mud look GOOD! I am hooked on ceramics. I produce some utilitarian pieces, but really enjoy working with what mother nature offers: mud, leaves and sticks, and fire! I love the challenge of commissioned work, especially outdoor installations. I really enjoy the unpredictability of the Raku firing process. My work is organic and earthy, topped with my heart and soul.”

Annie Royer


“From an early age, my teacher and mentor, Gustav Likan, instilled in me the desire to create beauty through color and form, regardless of the subject matter. I grew up in a musical and artistic family, and have always thrived on the synergy of creative collaboration. When I paint to live music, I am a conduit for the expression of sound through color and form.”



“There are two things that our members have in common: a love of all things clay and a deeply held belief in the importance of giving to the community.” –J. Burke

Daniel Wheeler


“I’ve always believed in freedom! Being free has been my constant motivator in life; preserving freedom was at the heart of my military service.. Abstract painting is a means of achieving that freedom in art form. Through it I have found a way of expressing myself in order to leave something behind. Even if that footprint is small, it’s my footprint and I make no apologies for it.”

Charles Esser


“Historically we are living in a fantastic time, a modern day renaissance on almost every level. Artistically, new materials and genres are changing the way we look at the world and express ourselves in real time. The North Texas art scene is thriving and growing every day as more artists move into the area, bringing with them new ideas and viewpoints. McKinney’s artistic community is a vibrant part of the North Texas art scene, and The Cove plays a major role in our creative community, featuring a different artist every weekend. I enjoy being a part of it.”

Guy Giersch


"My photography serves both as the observer and the observed. In the still point of the moment, I capture an image that brings order to reality and the combined aesthetic experience of sense and form are blended into a sensation of beauty. The picture allows the observers to use their imaginations, to have an aesthetic experience beyond the literal, formal level of known facts and instead be transported to the realm of enjoyment resulting from new experiences occurring each time the piece is viewed.”

Maria Bush Hampton


“My love of art started when I was very young. I am lucky enough to have a creative mother who is very artistic, whose endless array of ideas enhanced my projects. I like incorporating emotional and textural connections to my art pieces to add more life, and sometimes humor, to my work. I want my artwork to touch people with more than a single sense, and make it irresistible not to touch.”

David Hobson


“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in art. Faces have always been fascinating to me. The great painters of the past have been my inspiration, and I have studied their work, along with that of many excellent contemporary artists, for years. Now, by the grace of God, I am doing the thing that I love: painting people.”

Deepa Koshaley


“My work depicts parallel connections between meditation, nature, and art to formulate an equal balance between serenity and abstraction within my paintings. I am inspired by the uncompromising perspective our cosmos exhibits between nature and femininity, fire and ice, deconstruction and preservation. As I paint on canvas, I continue my quest to visually capture the spirit of pure feminism as it naturally exists within our landscape.”

Kelly Marra

Painter, Sculptor, Jewelry Designer

“I am an Artist. I’ve been driven to create from a young age – it is deeply woven into my being. Sharing the beauty of life, the land and our contribution to the pages of human history is important to me. I like depicting a moment in time that future generations will look back on and get a sense of who we were and what we liked to do in this time period on earth. Of course – I am only one small cog and believe strongly in supporting and nurturing other artists on their journey of telling the story from their unique perspective. Like the “Rat Pack” of their day, the Impressionists understood the value of surrounding themselves with others with a similar mission. This is an energizing time in my home-town of McKinney, Texas, where we are striving to emphasize the importance of the arts in our community, and I am thrilled to see it happening in other cities as well!”

Kevin Megison

Painter, Graphic Designer

“I gravitate to abstract art because it exemplifies absolute freedom of expression. There are no rules other than those which are self imposed.“

Kanyi Muraguri


“I work as my own photographer and model to create characters that address social issues in a humorous, impacting and sometimes troubling way. My goal as an artist is to create work that challenges the viewer’s mindset, inspiring a different course of action, and therefore, making them more thoughtful and caring people.”

J. B. Phipps


“Even the most common trees that stand around us everyday hide exceptional beauty somewhere inside. My job is to uncover it and give that special wood a second life as a piece of art.”

Lina Rincon


“As a contemporary and expressionistic artist, my art tends to be emotional and full of generous textures. Close observation and engagement of the subject is my process. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture its unique self. Some of my subjects show captured the spontaneous movement of the brush strokes, colors, and textures. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover all the beauty around us. Creating art is a way to reflect the soul and to appreciate where we are in life. My main focus when I create my works is to bring something to life and express my feelings toward them in such a way that the viewer may do the same.”

Don Simmons - In memorium


Don Simmons was a great friend, a terrific conversationalist, and a brilliant photographer. He was a mentor to many photographers, always claiming he had the best black and white darkroom in the area. Don left behind a phenomenal photographic documentary of his travels and community, and myriad memories of his warmth, generosity and optimism. He was a supportive member of The Cove, and will always have a place on the wall.

Milessa Murphy-Stewart


“I dream while I’m awake and paint in my sleep!”

Anne Womack


“If I see it, I want to paint it. I don’t know why I paint, I just do. I have a passion for painting still lifes. Some are formal and some very casual. My compositions pair fruits and flowers with glass, porcelain, metal and paper objects—usually on polished wood surfaces, and with splashes of reflected colors.”