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Updated: Jan 12

Friday, Feb. 3, 5-9p

Saturday, Feb. 4, 5-9p

In her current body of work, Lisa Temple delivers bold and brilliant colors, texture, and movement to her contemporary paintings. Her pieces are alive and inviting, providing a vitality that leads the viewer into deeper contemplation. As part of her performance art, Lisa and fine art photographer Nino Gordeladze will collaborate to create a moving, ever-changing piece of art featuring a live ballet dancer.

Friday, Feb. 10, 6-9p

Saturday, Feb. 11, 5-9p

Lynne Hubner creates a variety of images celebrating the places she has visited during her career. She uses the expressive qualities of printmaking, collage and paint to demonstrate her love of natural spaces.

Friday, Feb. 17, 5-9 pm

Saturday, Feb. 18, 5-9 pm

Cobin Stoffregen returns to The Cove with fresh art. Imagery that was once trapped in his imagination escapes onto paper. The clutter of his mind evolves into imagery that is fractured, but whole. Of his process, Cobin writes, "Only knowing from the start that there is none until the artwork is done, revealing another lost vision, reformed and whole."

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