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Lalithanjani (Anju) Pala


Lalithanjani Pala, also known by "Anju," is a self-taught contemporary and abstract artist. She was born and brought up in India. Though she graduated in technology, and worked for MNC, she never gave up her dreams and desires. After marriage, she moved to the USA and started her career as a full-time artist. She has been imaginative and passionate about art from childhood, and participated in several art competitions in India. She was inspired by her mom who used to paint on pots, sarees and ceramic vases, and stitched clothes with beautiful embroidery works. Her artwork draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of flowers and the natural world, capturing the delicate balance and vibrant colours found in various environments. This focus allows her to explain the themes through his chosen mediums. She works on multiple mediums like acrylics, oils and alcohol inks. She enjoys doing plein air paintings of blooming fields.

Anju's art with alcohol inks medium is a dance of vibrant colours, fluidity, and spontaneity on non-absorbent surfaces. Through swirling, blending, and layering, Anju creates abstract compositions that evoke emotion and energy. Each piece is a journey of discovery, embracing the unpredictability of the medium to create unique, captivating effects. Her work celebrates the beauty of imperfection, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of vivid abstraction. With alcohol ink, Anju capture the essence of fleeting moments and emotions, inviting reflection and connection. Her process involves both precision and spontaneity, mirroring nature's own methods.

Anju's artworks have been exhibited in numerous art shows across Texas, including juried art shows at Frisco Discovery Center, Frisco Dental Studio, Sweetwaters Coffee Shop, The Gallery 8680 in Frisco , the Historic Cotton Mills in McKinney, Blue House Too Gallery in Allen, and Stephen G Jerrelll Recreation Center in Allen.
Her artworks are in private collections across countries like India, Australia, Mexico and in the United States.

Lalithanjani (Anju) Pala
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