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Sandy Hinton-Forbes and Alex Forbes (in memoriam)


Sandy Hinton-Forbes, a Dallas native, was raised in an arts-rich environment. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, she worked in sales for AT&T. Sandy later worked in real estate sales where she especially enjoyed working with sellers, advising them on staging their homes for sale. This awakened her interest in color and design. After retiring, Sandy followed her heart to color, design, and art through landscape painting. Studying art for five years using acrylics, she developed an impressionistic, semi-realistic style. She then moved to oils where she now finds herself moving to the semi-abstract style. She strives through her art to engage the viewer, compelling them to want to stop and reflect.

Alex Forbes spent years in exploration from the Amazon River to Northern Canada. With photos from his trusty Nikon Camera and log book sketches, he frequently found inspiration from that time for his paintings. His art reflected his love of the wilderness environment. He worked with pastels, oils and acrylics. He loved the earthy, gritty feel he got when blending pastels. Alex created subdued landscapes of rocks, lakes, streams and breaking waves. By infusing them with color, shadows, light, and depth, he brought his paintings to life.

Alex worked his way through Case Western Reserve University doing pen and ink illustrations for publications and books. After graduation, he worked as a geophysicist for a mining company. Following graduate school at Kansas University, he took a position with Merck & Company in medical research. After retiring, Alex found time to rekindle his love of the rugged outdoors through his photos and drawing skills in his paintings. Alex was honored when one of his paintings was accepted into the 31st Texas and Neighbors Art Exhibition.

Sandy Hinton-Forbes and Alex Forbes (in memoriam)
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