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Ivanevid Llamas

Painter, Muralist

Ivanevid is an artist and designer who appreciates landscapes in nature and sees them as the most beautiful artwork and design. He started as a street graffiti artist in Mexico City, and since that time he has perfected his technique and expanded it from portraits, logos, murals, prints and clothing to other forms of expression, including non-tangible media like music. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Communication in Mexico City. He has developed art and design work in collaboration with fashion brands, restaurants, bars, government and many other industries.

Ivanevid’s images have a visceral quality, strong and daring. His works include paintings and drawings on paper, canvas, and metal, and print-making. Ivanevid’s bold, abstracted forms morph into themes, develop into patterns that are original, intense, and demand attention. In McKinney, he has a studio at LAST Art Gallery. As a member of The Cove, he has contributed the mural on the front of The Cove.

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