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Caroline Thompson


Caroline Thompson is excited about being part of this intuitive artist community. She began painting while living in Memphis, TN in 1998, when a friend coerced her into taking her first art class. She was captured at that point and set up a studio immediately in her home. Caroline and her friend are professional artists to this day. She continued to study with Fred Raulings, retired professor at the Memphis Academy of Art for the next year. In 2001, she returned to Boulder, CO, where she studied with Joan Anderson and Robert Spellman, renowned Colorado artists and instructors at the Naropa Institute, for two years. In 2006,she began teaching series and workshops focusing on her personal theory: "I never make a plan, if I do it fails. Instead, I let my creative eye lead me from the first brush stroke. I don't lay the paint aside until that spirit is satisfied." Over the years, her teaching theory has guided many artists in Boulder, CO; Franklin/Nashville, TN; Cape Girardeau, MO; and she plans to begin teaching in McKinney later this year.

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