Tammy Gilchrest


Drawing on a childhood dream of being an artist, Tammy Gilchrest picked up a paintbrush in 2014 reigniting her love for art. Within a year, her natural talent earned her a mentorship under a Bulgarian master painter, Keazim Issinov. That mentorship took her back in time to a way of learning that is all but lost. It not only taught her the technical knowledge of painting, but also wisdom and respect for the craft. The discovery of her passion for painting changed her path leading to a career change of becoming a full time oil painter.
Gilchrest started exploring many different styles. Drawn to the mood and mystery in Tonalism, she paints in more of a lyrical style bridging the gap between the draw of mystery and the love of color. Her goal is to transport people into the painting by creating a place of emotional experience for the viewer. Her muse is the Spirit within.