Guy Giersch


Guy’s keen eye and sensitivity for his subject are what make his photographs speak from the heart. His work tends to be thematic where groups of photographs work in concert to tell a story. While each photograph in the group is capable of standing on its own, together they convey a greater meaning as they interact with one another.

“Seeing comes before the word; but experience shades how we see. These two qualities are where the paradox lies. How can one experience anything without sensory input? If the experience shades what is seen then how do seeing and experience work concurrently to produce an aesthetic experience?

"It is proposed that a model exists in Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity.’ In the Quantum world, particles behave according to how they are treated and express both wave and particle function. Here, energy and matter are one and the same. In this world matter can become energy and energy can become matter based on the relative position of the observer. This reflects the dichotomy of the aesthetic experience in terms of form and sense where both exist concurrently and yet can be analyzed and experienced separately.

"Seeing produces experiences and in turn experience tempers what one sees. These events create a language of beauty through data gathered through sensory input channels. This language will reflect political, social, ideological, philosophical or religious vales that are incorporated into the art of a culture."

Giersch has exhibited widely over the last 20 years — most recently, in the High and Dry Show in Lubbock, Texas, the Taos Art Museum in Taos, New Mexico, Dallas’ Dead Photographer’s Society, the Martin Place and the Cove in McKinney, TX.

His photographs are in the Library of Congress as part of a Historic American Building Survey of two ranches in the Texas Panhandle. His Guatemala series hang in the United Way offices in Fort Worth, Texas.