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Celeste Seitz


Celeste Seitz creates minimalist art in her studio at The Millhouse, located in the Historic Cotton Mill near Downtown McKinney, Texas. Her work combines the freedom of wabi-sabi with the discipline of East Asian calligraphy. Sensei Kazuaki Tanahashi, Fabienne Verdier, Etsuko Ichikawa, and Jamie (James) Nares are significant influences in her work.

Celeste spent her formative years in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, before coming to The States in the mid 1980's. Her first memories are of the beauty and diversity of multicultural Singapore. This early Asian experience left a lasting influence on Celeste, as seen in her life and her art. Celeste has studied Asian cuisine, Muay Thai Martial Arts, and continuously studies calligraphy. She uses fluid acrylics and inks on canvas, wood, and paper, challenging herself to convey meaning with as little obfuscation as possible.

Celeste is the daughter of artist Jim Seitz and designer Connie Seitz, who have greatly supported her art career. Seitz currently resides in McKinney with her husband and their many, many children.

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