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Beth Mortenson


"I used to chastise herself for not settling on an art style, or on a medium with which to create. I have come to realize that I may never accomplish this aim, and instead, have decided to embrace it. And why not? I must voyage the circle. My creative life is the same, beginning and ending with watercolor. But I am in love with all artistic forms and love to indulge myself in them. So, what is my style? Ask me today; it will be different from yesterday. I hope that I will always be full of such grand curiosity.

In my work I am spontaneous, colorful, and moody. I have an aversion to art brushes and often resort to applying paint with the ends of brushes, sticks, plastic cards, and even my fingers (mostly my fingers)!

Embracing the circle has given me peace – in my life, in my spirituality, and yes, in my art." -- Beth

Beth Mortenson has enjoyed a varied life -- from senior executive of a publicly held health care corporation to award-winning Texas artist. Originally a native of Massachusetts, Beth has lived and worked in such diverse places as Nevada, Oklahoma, Wyoming and with now over 30 years in Texas, with stints on the Texas Gulf Coast, Texas Hill Country and now North Texas.

Beth loves McKinney and its vibrant art community. She just finished serving two years as the President of the Art Club of McKinney and now serves as their Grants Manager. Beth also serves as Vice President of the Board of Trustees for The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts in McKinney.

Beth was a Texas Master Gardener for many years with special certifications in landscape design, rainwater catchment, plant propagation, irrigation and other related specialties. She created a rainwater harvesting company called "Catch the Rain" which she has since sold. She volunteered countless hours in a local Hill Country garden that donated thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to a local food bank. Beth is currently a certified Texas Master Naturalist, and has also completed training as a certified interpretive guide. She volunteers as a guide at various local state parks & natural preserves. Also a passionate chef, Beth's culinary works and recipes regularly win accolades on various 'foodie' blog sites.

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