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Watercolor, Wine, and Opera Karaoke

Updated: May 30

Friday, June 16, 4-9 pm

Saturday, June 17, 4-9 pm

Sunday, June 18, 2-8 pm

Laurie Lynn Lindemeier paints her passions wherever she goes in bold, detailed watercolors and sketches to connect with and remember the people and the place. Her renderings include Minnesota farm scenes from her childhood, musicians in Texas bars, Moulin Rouge in Paris, Cleopatria's Needle in London, Galway Harbour in Ireland, monasteries in Greece, the Grand Canyon, lilies, hummingbirds, pool halls, hollyhocks, and anything else that catches her artist's eye. She'll serenade you with operatic arias and a bit of Patsy Cline while you sip wine, consume her baked goods, and view her artwork.

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