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Hot Summer Nights

Friday, July 7, 6-9 pm

Saturday, July 8, 5-9 pm

6-8pm, music by Jason Lim, Viola (Conductor, McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra) and

Alex Paradis, Cello (Principal, McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra)

Sunday, July 9, 2-4 pm

Discussion based on Art and Faith: A Theology of

Making, by Makoto Fujimura

In the lingering glow of a golden summer evening, unburdened by her daily endeavors, Annie commands a spray can while cradling a delicate stem, merging hues into shapes, guided by the symphonic masterpieces of Mozart, Beethoven, and Saint-Saens. A synesthetic dance unfolds as melodies intertwine with pigments, merging life to create anew. In this chromatic symphony, spontaneous brushstrokes and visceral rhythms harmonize, leaving behind a testament to the fervent conversation between color, form, and the artist's soul.

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